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mandymoore_fans's Journal

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<b>Ok this community was made for all you Mandy Moore Fans.

This community will not tolerate any nonsense what so ever so go join another community and let them put up with your bullshit..

We would like for all our members to get to know eachother so when you join please be kind and welcome anyone

Also Introduce yourself by telling us a little bit about you and where you live what's your favorite song etc..

Your aloud to post pictures,lyrics,articles,anything that would refer to the artist and if you want to share some icons your allowed to aswell.
You guys are allowed to promote any other communities just as long as your promoting for this one as well..

Maintainers of this Community..
<lj user="Pynkiistar">
<lj user="end_it_on_this_">

so enjoy the community and if you haven't done so Join our other communities

Angelina Jolie
<lj comm="angie_obsession">
feel free to join the community!

John Mayer
<lj comm="Room_4_Squares">
if your a John Mayer Fan please join my community

<lj comm="Face_this_Jury">
get rated!</</b>