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Mandy icons?

Hey, new to the community and have been a fan of Mandy Moore since she first came out with Candy. I think she is adorable. I have watched all the movies she's been in, since Princess Diaries and of course the unforgettable and tragic, A Walk to Remember. I have already seen How to Deal and find it to be her best starring role yet! It's an awesome movie that in some way, all of us can relate. Her style in the movie reminds me a lot of me. And also her mentality towards Love. I can't wait to buy that on DVD.

Anyway do any of you have any suggestions on which communities have any icons of her? Specifically of her because I get tired of looking for pop icons and want her pictures specifically. I want her with her new haircut and possibly from her Pilot video. Anything would help. Rock on!
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